To the life and career of Charls E. Walker (that is not a typo; his mother had a good sense of humor). Charly, an economist whose Ph.D. is from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, worked as a banker, government official, lobbyist and teacher–in a career extending from the Eisenhower Administration into the Obama years.

Among the lessons he has taught: “Economic growth” is not a conservative or liberal goal; whatever your priorities and image of what the U.S. should be, you must care about economic growth. And governing economic growth are some pretty strong lessons rooted in history, economics, and human nature.

And to Phil Potter, Charly’s former partner and protege, who did so much to make this book possible.

–Joel S. Swerdlow


To my father Katsuyuki, whose hard work and sacrifice gave me my American Dream and whose character taught me to never give it up.

–Mayu Takeda







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