An Invitation to Contribute

A Larger Pie is a new kind of book in that we invite readers to join the discussion and contribute to the book. Your contributions, in fact, are essential.  The reason is simple: As we are learning in more and more fields of inquiry, opening a final product to “the wisdom of crowds” can yield amazing results that build upon their own momentum.

Our procedure: Submit comments on Mayu Takeda will respond to you; she may decide to use all or part of your comments, or ask for for clarifications or other changes before she uses it. All comments approved by Mayu will be immediately added to the electronic and the print-on-demand paper version of the book.  These new published editions will include a response from Joel Swerdlow to your comment.  Everyone whose comments are thus published will be listed on the “Contributors” page. Those whose contributions are sufficiently substantive and extensive will be listed as a “Contributing Writer.”  (You may, of course, remain anonymous and still have your comments published; Mayu and I must know, however, who you really are.)

Questions of suggestions?  Please simply contact us:





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