Brief Philosophic Pause–To What Degree Is Thinking About These Things Necessary or Useful?

That’s a fair question. Maybe for you (or most people) it’s a waste of time. With so many more practical problems and opportunities demanding attention, to think about technological innovation (to cite one example) may seem like a diversion or parlor game.  And, to cite another question we will address, no one is ever going to stop you on the street and ask, “Why do you think the Industrial Revolution occurred when it did?”

But during your college years—and beyond–the most important learning occurs, not in a classroom, but when you sit up late at night talking to people who share your interests and concerns  That’s what this is: a late-night conversation.

Your conversations and the thoughts they provoke, furthermore, provide a broad, vibrant and living framework within which you can find perspective and insights (sometimes crucial) for handling personal and work-related situations and decisions.  Often involved are massive amounts of information, conflicting priorities, and deadlines that require action long before what is “right” becomes clear.



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