Following are the blog posts that became  A Larger Pie, Book I.  To skim these posts is interesting and provides some insight in the writing of books in the digital age, but this material is outdated and rough.  To connect with A Larger Pie, you must buy the e-book or the print book.

That being said, two important discussions begin here right now.  These discussions will, in turn, lead directly to:  (1)  Major additions and changes to A Larger Pie, and (2) Part II of A Larger Pie: Stories. which opens with an essay entitled “Land as the Chief Measure of Growth (1789-1890).”  This essay document what happens–as is happening now–when the nation’s prime method for measuring “growth” becomes outdated.

Under the leadership of Mayu Takeda, all contributors to these discussion will become CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS to Book I and/or Book II of A Larger Pie.



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